TCA Membership

TRI CHEVY Hot Line 1-630-200-0755

Membership is open to anyone interested in
1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevrolets
(Ownership of these cars are not required.)

Dues will be $20 / year starting 2015

One question I have been asked is “what do we get for working our big event?  
This is what you will receive for working only three hours or more: 

1.   Discount price for our annual banquet.  (about $40 value)
2.   Free pop and water on Saturday and Sunday or the day you work. 
3.   Coupon for free Kent's Big Bar.  $3.50 value
4.   Coupon for $5 at food stand.  
5.   Fluorescent Lime Green Worker ’ s shirt . (~$10 value) 
6.   A day out in the country.  
7  Your daily dose of Vitamin D.  
8.   Free parking for all TCA workers.  
9.   You are part of the greatest event in the Midwest!   - PRICELESS
10.  You are with the greatest club members you will ever meet. 

This is what you will receive for working only three hours a year on the second Sunday in June.   A  few more club members  are needed to step up and sign up. 

Membership forms:
Membership form in Adobe Acrobat format

In order to view this file, you will need the Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, a plugin available from Adobe Systems, Inc. CLICK on the LINK above to get a copy of the plugin.
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