null August 16, 2016
Terry Schutz - TCA #109

Here is some pictures of my 55 Chevy . They are a collection of the changes it has gone through since I have owned it. I purchased it in 1984 and when I brought it home my wife ask what I paid for it, I told her 15 and for years she thought it was 15 dollars.

The first thing I did to it was give it new interior, and then a paint job. The original color was turquoise and ivory. I had it painted white with the idea of having the turquoise put on the next day. When I looked at it I liked it all white, so that is the way it stayed for the next 10 years . I finally got tired of the white and had it painted all turquoise ,and I like it, so it stayed that way for a few years. Finally as you can see in the last picture I had the ivory put on to bring it back to it original state.That is the way it is today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. 

Terry Schutz
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