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Bruce Hetfleisch - TCA #186 - 2003 Co-President

These are pictures of my current Chevy Impala SS, 327 / 300 HP 4 speed w/ Factory Air car. I found this car listed in our local newspaper and couldn't believe it until I saw it on a Saturday afternoon.  The car was a little rough but it was all there and I picked it up the following Monday night.  Once it was home I started cleaning her up as all she needed was a good bath and some TLC.  I'm going to drive this one through the summer and in the fall it's time to redo the exterior, it doesn't need a frame off but a good paint job will be in order.

I've had the bumpers rechromed, new wheels, exhaust, cleaned up the engine compartment, and replaced emblems etc. There is more to come!  Look for updates and pictures as changes are made.

Bruce Hetfleisch
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